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SocialDJ is a facebook app that allows you to mix your favorite Youtube music fromeither ur desktops or mobiles. The  app is a app that enables you to mix your favorite youtube music and publish it along with your post to

The App is very plain to greet you and allows you to search innumerable  youtube videos , it then collates your searches and presents them to you on a Palette. From here you can pick and choose which videos you want  mixed.

SocialDJ Playlist Matrix

Interestingly the app was launched earlier as a facebook music scrubber that scrubbed your news feeds and facebook groups looking for youtube music and then pieced them together as mixes.

This time SocialDJ has relaunched with a new flair, enabling you to write that love letter and piece the exquisite music pieces together to serenade your love…

Anyways getting down to brass tacks heres what SocialDJ the facebook app has to offer….

  1. Limitless Mixes – Tested with user with upto 1000 mixes and 165 videos per mix
  2. Shuffle feature – Capability to shuffle 2600 videos comfortably
  3. Full Drag & Drop / Swipe – A complete suite of drag and drop video paddles and swipe features to enable you to use socialDJ with any device mobile or laptop .
  4. Test Play feature – Enables continuity of mixing and testing enabling you to dump the wrong video and get the right one in place…
  5. Post a Note – Make your mix complete by expressing your emotions and feelings that go with it
  6. Blog your Mix – A unique and permanent url of your mix and blog post
  7. All mobile compatibility

Go ahead try SocialDJ today and let us know how we can further improve our offerings…all offerings are free of cost. , SocialDJ & undertakes no liabilities or warranties. All services are provided in as is condition with no expressed or implicit guarantees or warranties whatsoever.SocialDJ and work on Open Source code and has a youtube API license to allow play on SocialDJ.

Radio Zed Game Review

Radio Zed
Radio Zed

Imagine a scenario of a zombie apocalypse in which you are trapped and have access to only one house where all humans of the town take refuge. The house has a radio tower from which you can beacon for help but the radio waves are upsetting the zombies and they want to break in…welcome to Radio Zed, a zombie game with a difference.

radio zed2
radio zed2

The game is a shoot out with a choice of a variety of weapons, you can choose your weapons after you earned them by pressing numbers one to nine to indicate your choice. You then simply aim and fire at the oncoming zombies using your mouse and click. You can move around too using the arrow keys or a hash wasD combination. Wherein the left and right arrow keys allow you to move in the respective directions and the top arrow key allows you to jump the bottom arrow key allows you to open a door and enter another level.

Do not worry you have comrades in arms and you can control their actions by taking charge of them press F and click on a partner to take charge of him, do this with a careful judgement about the type of attack. To quickly change to the next weapon you can press the Q button and to jump to the previous weapon you can press E. Don’t forget the Radio tower is your only hope, and you cant allow the zombies to damage them. Have fun with this game.

Radio Zed

Super Monkey Shoots at Balloons

bloons supermonkey
bloons supermonkey

One interesting game for kids aged five is Bloons super monkey cause they can never go wrong with super powers. The game features a monkey in a superman costume flying around town and shooting balloons. The objective of the game it seems is to shoot a lot of balloons. The balloons come in various colors and can be played in panorama mode on y9.

balloon super monkey
balloon super monkey

The game is a scoring game and you can play to win your position on the daily global leader board. The all time scores are a bit difficult though as you have Max from China holding gold at the time of this writing. The game is played in stages and each stage has many air waves of balloons. Mr. Supermonkey will keep firing whichever tangent you shift him, that brings us to the objective of the game. The objective is to pop as many balloons as possible and this is done by judging the arcs and tangents made by the respective balloons. You will find that placing Mr. Super Monkey in the center of gravity of the balloons has higher chances of popping all the balloons. You will find that the blue balloons that carry the power blobs require two hits to be popped in the first hit they turn red and in the second one they will be popped.

The first level target of this game is to pop a minimum of one hundred and forty nine balloons and the next wave it increases so on and so forth. Popping the balloons will release power blobs which will accumulate to you and you will receive a bonus score at the end of each level a placard displays your base score being the number of balloons popped , your Blob bonus being the number of power blobs you accumulated and your total score. You have the option to submit your score to the global leader-board or play again.

Bloons Super Monkey Play here.

Virus Wars: Beginning

Virus Wars: Beginning

This laboratory is providing experiments with viruses. The viral cells are very survivable, but when they meet rival cells, they are being mutually neutralized. Here your task is to help one type of viruses win this eternal war.

Mouse – attack/select



Do you like to get caught on your date by a zombie hunt down team? Well  this is just the game that gets you into action right from where you are you will need to get into your car quickly cause the zombies are out to smash your truck.

While working through your levels you can score brownie points and upgrade your car so that you can be on the move. Try to get your team into place and force an onslaught against the zombie legions.

Left click to select
Right click to give orders
WASD or Arrows to drive car
Space to zoom in / out

Above Average Guy

Above Average Guy

How would you like to star in a Japanese Game show doing the seemingly ridiculous things to win the game before a whacky audience? Well this game is going to cull you right out of your couch and put you in the spotlight.

The game comprises about 43 levels but you will get stuck in level 6 when you turn invisible and will have to judge your movements basis the correlating movement of the game show host.

This game is going to have you dressed up in ridiculous costumes as you glide through from level to level. So if you’re game for a little run and jump puzzles dive right in.

Arrow keys & WASD for movement.


IroncalypseSeconds separated the world from imminent disaster.
Funny peaceful robots populating this planet forced to flee.
Help them to get to the rescue ship as soon as possible.
There’s no time to delay! Up / W – jump
(Up / W) twice – double jump
Down / S – duck
(Down / S) in air – fast jump down
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – use ability
Space / P – pause/menu

Rogan The Swordmaster

Rogan The Swordmaster

A mighty and dark sorcerer used the Ancient Jewel to open the forgotten Gates of Despair.Then he split the Jewel into four pieces and gave them to four mystical creatures so none will ever use the Jewel to close the Gates of despair. You have to destroy the creatures, collect all of the pieces to close the Gate of Despair forever!

Collect more Money by killing 20 types of enemies.
Upgrade your Armor from 8 types.
Buy stronger Sword from 23 types.
Receive 20 Achievements.
Kill 4 Bosses
Activate Fury Mode
Complete The Jewel

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